How To Create An Effective Webinar Page

In this post, we’re going to show you how to build an effective, lead-generating landing page for webinars. Among all lead-generation tactics available, webinars are the 2nd most-successful type of premium content.

By creating a webinar landing page abiding by the following tips, you’ll set yourself up for more registrations than ever before.

On average 5 times as many people read the headline as read the body of your text, therefore getting your headline right and sending out the right message is crucial.

We are a headline culture, on average 8 out of 10 people will read the headline copy, only 2 out of 10 will read the copy body.

If your headline isn’t the strongest element on your landing page, then you risk losing visitors before they ever see your first sentence.

The headline on a good webinar landing page is well- designed and well-written. It’s at the very top of your page, it stands out from your background and the copy:

• Is specific
• Focuses on benefits rather than features
• Is enticing

Your headline should convey what the webinar is about and what the visitor would get out of it. Be straightforward, because even the slightest miscommunication can turn the visitor away.


One of the challenges in internet marketing centres around ‘asking’
If you ask too much the customer gets irritated and moves off, if you ask too little you risk no one will know what you want.

The same is true of landing pages. Too few of opt-in opportunities will leave a user frustrated because they can’t act on your messaging.

They can’t find the buy or subscribe button, and they simply leave your site because of it.

Too many opt-in opportunities, though, and the visitor feels too “asked at” instead of “asked.”

A good landing page strikes the balance between the two. Here’s a good rule of thumb for opt-in opportunities:

Always put an opt-in opportunity at the top and bottom of your page.

Always put one where your call-to-action is strongest. When in doubt, have at least one opt-in opportunity per three screen lengths.

Time for Urgency

How many times has someone asked you to reserve a date for the future, but you put it off because it seems so far away?

That happens all the time with webinars. Write a date down, and it doesn’t seem real enough. The solution to breaking that thought process is a countdown timer.

Countdown timers are dynamic ways of displaying dates on a landing page.

For webinars, this is vital. By including a timer, visitors can literally see the seconds tick by until they’re on the outside looking in.

That’s a powerful urgency appeal because no one wants to experience that feeling. Give a shorter deadline, and it makes that urgency appeal even stronger.

Easy To See Webinar Date

Many marketers get this wrong.

It’s easy to focus on the big things like a headline, body copy and call-to-action. The danger comes in assuming that visitors will seek out a webinar date in the body copy.

Successful landing pages make the webinar date as clearly visible as the call-to-action.

The first two things a visitor thinks when they’re on a webinar page are “What is this about” and “When is it?” After the headline, the time of the webinar is one of the biggest deciding factors. Making the date stand out helps provide a positive user experience by quickly answering their question.

Present Yourself

Credibility is important for marketers. Little things build up that credibility in a visitor’s mind — a testimonial, an “As Used By” logo, transparent copy, etc.

One simple thing that can add credibility on a webinar is an image of the presenter’s face.

People don’t want a webinar created by a faceless business.

They want to feel like they’re having a conversation with a real person. Putting a face to the webinar reassures the visitor that their experience will be authentic.

Keep The Focus On The Important Things

In our tips for Webinar Landing Pages, we talk about the importance of designing for direction. That simply means placing visual focus on certain areas of the page.

While you want your entire page to be visually stunning, there are certain spots that should command a visitor’s attention.

The most important places to draw attention to are your headline, your date and your call-to-action areas.

Thinking in terms of a visitor’s needs, you’re addressing what the webinar is, when it is and how to be part of it. Those are the most top-level things to communicate, which is why they should have the most design focus.

This level of design command takes years to develop and hone. You need an understanding of balance, space usage, color interplay, sizing and a whole lot more.

Fortunately, every LeadPages account has access to free webinar landing pages designed by our in-house conversion experts. Take advantage of those and you can publish a high-converting webinar page in minutes.

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