What Is A Landing Page

Did you know that as soon as your website visitor starts clicking around to different tabs you’ve essentially lost them?

Surprised? Here’s another thing you may not know: If you send them to your homepage, you’ve also lost them.

Why? Because most home pages are intended to get the visitor to explore the other pages on the site – not make a purchase or convert.

This is where a  Landing Page comes in

A landing page enables you to instantly provide your visitor with only the solution they’ve been looking for when they clicked your ad. It enables you to convert more visitors into customers without spending more on advertising because they are not distracted by other options.

So what does it takes to create an effective landing page?

A lot of creating a good landing page comes from understanding the psychology of your intended customer. You want to figure out why they are interacting with you, what’s their desire.

You likely have a lot of different kinds of traffic coming in. Some people like to fill out forms, others like to send emails, some want to make a purchase, etc. You want to find out what they want to do, and create a streamlined, simple experience in order to get them to take action.

Once you’ve determined who your visitor is and what they want to do, you are ready to offer them a solution. You want to offer value, build credibility and give them that magic pill in both the design and marketing copy.

…And you only have a few seconds to do that.
You have to reduce their confusion, improve their motivation, and tell your story… All at the blink of an eye.

Your landing page should make it immediately apparent to the visitor why they should do business with you.

So how do you do that?

You introduce yourself in a professional way. You tell your story. You show results. And you do all of that in a simple process as if you were holding them by hand and guiding the way for the goal of your landing page. (And the main goal is really to get them to click).
You deliver a story that they can understand, and then you ask for them to take some simple action.

You follow the best practices. And test them. Because even though the best practices work, they work differently for each company, and you want to know for sure.
You don’t want to make any assumptions, because sometimes you may find things you never thought would work better than anything else.

A good landing page helps you win the battle for the customer. It decreases the time that it takes for someone to make the purchase. It generates more customers that will want to spend more money with you. And at the end of the day, you want to see your advertising expenses gradually decreasing, and your profitability growing.

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